Grow your multi-marketplace business with Huboo and Mirakl

When many of us think of marketplaces, two big names come to mind – Amazon and eBay. Over 30% of merchants who collaborate with Huboo sell on eBay, and a further 27% use our Amazon integration, which is not surprising given the maturity and customer reach of the platform.

However, as consumer buying habits change, more and more big-name retailers such as Boots, Debenhams, Superdrug and Feelunique have launched their own marketplaces.

Research suggests that by 2025, marketplaces are expected to account for 45-50% of online spending across established verticals like clothing and books. This is likely to be expedited by partnerships being formed between popular celebrities and reality TV shows, such as Love Island teaming up with marketplaces like eBay or ASOS.

And it isn’t just fashion and beauty brands that can win big using a new marketplace strategy. The number of third-party marketplaces operated by traditional retailers is on the rise across many industries, as demonstrated by the launch of the B&Q and Musgrave marketplaces.

To help Huboo merchants take advantage of these opportunities, we are pleased to announce our exciting new integration with Mirakl.

What is Mirakl?

Mirakl is the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform, powering the marketplaces of 300+ businesses including some of the most renowned brands in retail in the UK, EU and US, including B&Q, Debenhams, Macy’s and Superdrug.

Thanks to new connector technology between the two solutions, Huboo’s existing customers can now easily connect to the hundreds of marketplaces powered by Mirakl to rapidly grow their multi-marketplace business, with access to streamlined marketplace operations via features like the Mirakl Customer Care Dashboard, which enables the centralisation of customer messages from multiple marketplaces.

In addition, sellers that are already part of Mirakl Connect, Mirakl’s centralised operations hub, will now be able to access Huboo’s extensive European fulfilment network to fulfil their orders from any Mirakl-powered Marketplace, as well as through their other sales channels. Mirakl Connect is renowned for empowering marketplace sellers with all the tech they need to build their multi-marketplace business.

This partnership between Huboo and Mirakl will simplify a seller’s eCommerce operation and enable them to provide an improved user experience for shoppers, complete with optimised delivery of products facilitated by Huboo.